Joost Wynant is a Belgium-based freelance film director of feature films,

documentaries, video clips, television series and commercial films.



De kraak (The bank hacker) - tv series - 8 episodes (2020).  Aired on ZDFneo (Germany)  and Streamz (Belgium). Production: De Mensen / DPG media / VTM. Directed by Joost Wynant and Frank Van Mechelen. 

Onder vuur, TV-series 10 episodes (2021). Aired on EEN, VRT (Belgium) . Production: Geronimo Films, Fobic film, EEN. Directed by Joost Wynant.

Sideline, feature documentary film (2018). Directed by Joost Wynant, Maarten Goffin, Louis Pons. Production: Visualantics. Selected for Talinn Black Nights Film festival, Oostende Film Festival. 

De laatste zomer (Last Summer) , feature film (2007). KFD distribution. A-Film. Directed by Joost Wynant.  Production: Caviar Film.